Corporate Banking Services for Bank of America

AM+A designed a prototype for a Web-based corporate banking application.

Project Description

To help Bank of America (BofA) expand its offering of extranet tools and services, AM+A designed and built a prototype of a Web-based banking application for corporate customers. BofA needed to learn what its corporate customers would want from a Web-based account service. AM+A proposed using Macromedia Director™ to build a detailed, yet simple and easily navigatable prototype that could be quickly learned and presented by a focus group moderator to groups of BofA customers. The prototype modeled functions necessary for the completion of typical user tasks (e.g., funds transfers, balance reporting, etc.), and was careful to provide convincing data and to match BofA’s corporate branding guidelines. In addition, AM+A provided the script used by the marketing research moderator to describe the product to the focus group participants.

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