California Virtual University:

AM+A designed and produced a distance learning Website with a catalog of all distance courses at California’s colleges and universities.

The California Virtual University, a non-profit organization, was founded based on a grant from Gov. Wilson in 1997 to build an on-line catalog and resource center for distance learning opportunities offered by all California colleges and universities. The delivery mechanism was to be a Website titled “”

CVU turned to AM+A to design and produce the site. We first partnered with a Web technology firm, GonzoMedia, for their expertise in database-driven Website development. Together we developed a convenient, searchable, database-driven catalog of over 1,500 courses (offered by over 300 institutions).

Key challenges were: 1 – Foster an online community, accessible both technically and emotionally to all demographic groups. 2 – Make the site’s identity appear “official” yet friendly. 3 – Convey that CVU is just a catalog and does not grant degrees. 4 – Avoid any institution or system bias in the users’ search process.

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