Adobe Systems: Circulate™

AM+A designed and wrote the UI specifications of a desktop application for text and image document scanning, “OCR’ing,” and storing.

Designed to accompany digital copiers/scanners in networked environments, Adobe Circulate brings state-of-the-art scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) conversion, and document management functions to its users. Adobe came to AM+A with the Circulate technology in place, and a general idea of what the mental model of the user-interface should be. Established competitors had been winning awards for their usability of their products, so Adobe needed Circulate’s UI to be, as Adobe says, “state-of-the-art.” AM+A designed and wrote the complete UI design specification, including icons, detailed file display and manipulation behaviors, keyboard navigation, menus, and commands. AM+A also created the product’s distinctive desktop icon.

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