Cogito Learning Media: Electronic Companion™ Series

AM+A designed and produced a college-level CD-ROM series of comprehensive study guides with interactive educational content, quizzing, and scoring.

The Electronic Companion Series is a series of educational multimedia titles (currently 14 titles and growing), targeted at college freshman-level students in Life Sciences, Mathematics, and Economics majors. These products assist students in preparing for their exams by supplementing textbooks and lectures with review and self-testing modules that use animation, video, and interactive exploration – all the strengths of multimedia – to bring the content to life. Developing a successful UI design, with a strong product identity and with navigation/interaction paradigms that are easy to learn and use (so as to maintain the user’s focus on the content), was only the beginning of AM+A’s involvement. Beyond that, over the course of our four-year relationship with Cogito, we have provided Series concept development, art direction, content specifications, and production guidelines for authors and editors to increase the efficiency of subsequent series product development. Finally, we have managed the implementation of the entire series using Macromedia Authorware™, in strict accordance with aggressive, timed releases based on school-year cycles (semesters, etc.).

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