IQ Financial: Risk IQ™

AM+A designed the UI for a client/server application for investment bankers to use in assessing, assigning, and managing investment risk.

IQ Financial, Inc., a software development company owned by Banker’s Trust, markets software that allows key decision-makers in large financial institutions to assess, assign, and manage investment risk. Risk IQ stores and tracks diverse investment data, and makes it understandable to users by calculating risk levels and comparing them to pre-established limits. Risk IQ was powerful as a product, but its user-interface had grown overly complex over time due to layers upon layers of added functionality. AM+A was asked to simplify the Risk IQ user-interface and to design the integration of new features as part of a complete functional and visual redesign. To cut through the massive tables of financial data, we suggested using convenient summary “headlines” of key trend and status information. These headlines engage executive-level users by making the news easy to find. Most risk management products ignore the needs of the executive by not separating the important information from the routine data.

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