MindAlliance: Corporate Brand Identity

AM+A designed and developed the corporate brand identity and user interface for a site that matches buyers and sellers of Web development services.

MindAlliance asked AM+A to create a working prototype to that would demonstrate an internet business concept that allows buyers of Web development services to find the talent most suited to their needs, allows Web developers a way to present their capabilities online, and provides a database matching engine to bring them together and help them collaborate.

AM+A partnered with Vertigo Software, Inc. to develop a complete solution, including the logo and identity, messaging, service offerings, site design, database structure, and implementation. The identity and site design needed to convey a very high-quality image, as well as encourage users to explore the site without having their initial experience front-loaded with cumbersome registration tasks. On a functional level, the site needed to be powerful and simple, and would rely upon having members enter in as much information about their project or service as possible in order to allow richer matching.

The matching engine acts upon service type, geographical location, timeframe availability, and rates and budget values in order to provide search results that are specifically tailored to the needs of the user. Before users enter crucial identification and contact information results and register and post a project or service profile, the “Quickmatch” feature allows new users to experience the site by allowing them access to cursory information. Developers’ profiles contain enough relevant information for buyers to make their decisions, including sample Web pages and links.

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