Pivotal Software, Inc.: Pivotal eRelationship: Partner Hub™ and Customer Hub™

AM+A designed navigation and appearance systems for a database-driven, Web-based marketing information application.

Pivotal Software, Inc. markets integrated application software products for corporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Their product allows distributed sales forces to build databases and share information about their clients and prospects. In 1998-99, AM+A assisted Pivotal in making the jump to the World Wide Web by designing the user-interface for a new application suite entitled Pivotal eRelationship. This new product enables Pivotal Customers and their staff to access/update critical database information remotely via Internet Relationship Hub servers. Pivotal had an extremely short development cycle. Our main challenge was to convert Pivotal’s Client/server product into a Web product. This involved a number of changes to the detailed interaction, navigation, and appearance characteristics of the UI. One particular issue was designing a distinct, branded appearance to the product that would not overwhelm the product’s customized customer branding. Finally, the design needed to be flexible in order to dynamically display changing sets of controls and information, while remaining clear and consistent in its global navigation and command controls.

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