Servador used the Web to become the world’s largest provider of printing services in the $150 billion commercial printing market, a market that is fragmented and in which individual print jobs move across multiple organizations as they evolve from concept to production. Servador asked AM+A to design the Web application that will help them to realize their goal.

Servador needed a way for print buyers to specify, bid out, and manage their projects by maintaining a digital relationship with their communities of print vendors. It became clear that if given the right tool, print buyers would rely heavily on this tool to accomplish most of their daily work. The tool also had to appeal to vendors by simplifying lead tracking and scheduling. However, Servador’s main goal was to become the print buyer’s “killer app.”

A major challenge in this effort was to provide practical means for buyers to communicate with, and track the progress of, the multiple vendors that are often involved in individual print projects. Another challenge was to produce the means to specify in detail any conceivable type of print job. Working with Servador staff with extensive print industry experience, AM+A designed a user interface organized according to the work sequence of the print procurement and production process itself. Print projects proceed through a set of steps that have distinct tasks and reporting requirements. Servador treats each print project as an “object” that is modified and refined as it passes through these steps, while having all its relevant information displayed, saved, and compiled for later retrieval and analysis.

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