Anonymous Clients: Cross-Cultural Analysis

For two different clients, as yet not disclosable, AM+A provided cross-cultural analysis services.

In one project, AM+A conducted a culture audit of a software product that the client was localizing for a very different language, writing system, and culture. AM+A analyzed the graphics, icons, terminology, and concepts of the original product, using the assistance of third-party language-subject-matter experts. AM+A idenetified problemmatic issues and provided specific recommendations for improvements. The client considered AM+A’s report very valuable for the localization process. Without this kind of analysis, one might make excellent translations of content that should never have been included in the first place.

In a second project, AM+A conducted an analysis of the country and corporate cultures of a major corporation with offices in many countries. AM+A identified potential issues that might affect the ability of multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, multi-country teams to cooperate, collaborate, and communicate. Examples of differences included culture-influenced teams in which This information enabled the client to develop better solutions for its development teams.

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