HP: Three Decades of Projects

Beginning in 1984 and continuing across three decades, AM+A worked with several R+D, human factors, marketing, and product development teams.

AM+A digitized the HP logo for the first time in HP’s history for HP’s desktop publishing corporate clients in 1984 and developed a clip-art library as an HP Vectra product.

In 1992, AM+A designed HP’s corporate standards and templates for slides created in three desktop slide-making applications.
During 2003-2005, AM+A worked closely with the Director of HP’s Mobile Media and Systems Lab to write and design executive marketing presentations of next-generation products. HP’s CEO complimented AM+A’s presentation, and the presentation helped land a partnership with Starbucks.

In 2005, after helping to design the key control screens for HP’s first commercial version of its Halo telepresence system, AM+A worked with HPs product development group to conduct usabiity tests for its second-generation Halo system.

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