Intel Corporation

Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, developing integrated circuits and other advanced integrated digital technology products to computing, communications, and other industries. Intel’s products line include chips, boards and other semiconductor products that serve as the building blocks integral to computers, servers, consumer electronics, handheld devices, and other networking and communications products. Component-level products include microprocessors, chipsets and flash memory.

In 2008, Intel engaged AM+A to facilitate the development and testing of the user interface for its product designed to assist C++ developers in improving program performance by providing targeted code analysis, advice and instruction for implementing parallelism within a serialized program. Target users of Threading Advisor are developers and architects experienced in writing serialized code, yet unaccustomed to coding to support parallelism, and possibly even unfamiliar with core threading concepts. AM+A conducted these tasks.

Needs Analysis: Provided thorough examination of the existing prototype and supporting documentation, in addition to critical insights into the reasons for existing usability issues and an array of possible solutions and improvements.

Conceptual Design: In Round 1, provided new conceptual models incorporating an improved user interface and new features, such as streamlined navigation, task list integration and management, expandable and collapsible instructions, and other modular elements.

Usability Testing: Conducted two-day testing session and wrote detailed report of test findings and recommendations.

Conceptual Design: In Round 2, added updates to the first conceptual design document, included minor revisions and changes identified in AM+A’s usability testing report.

Visual Design: Included full-color screens and a full product icon set.

Intel’s project manager was very satisfied with AM+A’s work and provided a letter of recommendation.

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