AM+A Happiness Machine Workshop, at Sonic Rim, San Francisco, CA

On 28 February 2014, Mr. Aaron Marcus, President of AM+A, presented a workshop about the AM+A Happiness Machine project at SonicRim, San Francisco. About 30 people took part, plus five former students of Mr. Marcus at the School of Design, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (HKPU), via Skype. Mr. Marcus presented a lecture about the Happiness Machine, which combines information design and persuasion design to change people’s behavior with mobile devices. Three teams, participants from Mr. Marcus’ one-week workshop on Mobile Persuasion Design, held at the School of Design, Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, November 2013, presented their projects. Three AM+A Designer/Analysts (Kia Chew, Vivian Lemes, and Kenneth So) presented current work on the Marriage Machine project. The event was invited and hosted by SonicRim, a Design Research firm, and was carried out in conjunction Mr. Marcus’ Mobile Persuasion Workshop on 8 July 2014 at the Computer Graphics and Media Design Conference in Chicago, hosted by OMICS Group Conferences. (Photo by AM+A, may be republished.)



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