Visual communication is the essence of user-interface (UI) and information-visualization (IV) design. Good UI and IV design establishes an effective connection between human beings and machines. Here’s how we do it:

The approach begins with the discovery phase, when we listen to our clients and gain a thorough understanding of their particular requirements. We then clearly define the project’s challenges and effort requirements before recommending solutions. When designing, we determine and simulate the end-user experience without losing sight of your business objectives. We deliver our work in the form of screen designs, prototypes, guidelines, and specifications that result in real, workable business solutions that are understandable and maintainable.

AM+A also provides user-interface design and information visualization training through lectures, tutorials, and workshops at conferences and at corporations/organizations around the world. Our training focuses on critical issues, best practices, and future trends in all development tasks: planning, research, analysis, design, documentation, and evaluation for all major platforms and user communities.